Poggesi-Baby King


Baby King parasol is the same model of King but in a smaller dimension.
Opening and closing are possible through a crank which activates a winch device. Through the same crank it is possible to rule the height of the side arm, while with a lever it is possible to move the canopy from up to down.
The structure is totally in aluminum with the shaft of 117x106x3 mm and the side arm of 105x73x3 mm, customizable in the color thanks to the thermosetting powder coat. Nuts, bolts and screws are in stainless steel.

– For squared model size goes from 300×300 cm up to 350×3500 cm.
– For the rectangular model the only size possible is400x300 cm

The number of ribs reaches a maximum of 8 ribs, and the size of them can be 35x20x2 strengthen with branded profiles easily to change.
Developed to respect the international law against injury and thanks to the telescopic system this model permits not to remove furniture set under the umbrella.
Four bases are available:

– iron base 90×90 cm with a set of 4 cement weights,
– iron base 70×70 cm with 4 cement weights,
– iron base 25×25 cm to be screwed on the ground,
– the tube to be undergrounded.
All of the bases are galvanized and powder coated.
For bases 90×90 cm and 70×70 cm it is possible to add an elegant cover base in aluminum in the same color of the structure.
It is possible to add the lighting system.
This model rotate of 360° in order to have all the comfort possible from sunrise to sunset. The total weight of the parasol is 55 kg.

This model will be the king of outdoor design, although its more contained dimensions. 

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Aluminium, Fabric


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