B&B Italia-Tulip Sixty – Tulip Sixtysix

B&B Italia-Tulip Sixty – Tulip Sixtysix is design by Jeffrey Bernett.


Two new armchairs have become part of the new collection reserved to the contract market. They are a reassessment of the célèbre Tulip, on the dimensional level. The bigger version, smaller compared to the original model, comfortable and swivel, is supplied with round base-frame in bright brushed aluminium, while the smaller version, with similar dimensions to a chair, is supported by two basic typologies: a four spoke base in bright brushed aluminium or a rod base in bright chromed steel.

Technical information

Internal frame:
tubular steel and steel profiles

Internal frame upholstery:
Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fibre cover

Seat cushion upholstery:
shaped polyurethane, polyester fibre cover

Support frame (TUF):
bright chromed drawn steel

Swivel base-frame (TU4):
bright brushed die-cast aluminium and extrusions

Swivel base-frame (TUD):
bright brushed aluminium laminate and extrusions

thermoplastic material

fabric or leather in limited categories

Additional information




Fabric, Leather


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