Magic-Hour-Clock is design by thukral & tagra.



“magic hour evokes the idea of steadily expanding space, free flow, day dreams, like surreal bubbles, the need to face recollections stored in the mind and crammed with wishes. the question is: does the magic occur at an established time? or can it be obtained at any time of the day? can we communicate our thoughts through an object? can memories be stored through the creation of an object? can these objects contain our feelings?” thukral and tagra conceived by the creative and surreal flair of thukral and tagra, leading figures on the scene of contemporary indian art, the two wall clocks magic hour combine figurative elements and digital design. magic hour is produced in a round variant (diameter 40 cm) and in a square variant (28×28 cm), which feature a dual mechanism that provides two different times.


wall clock round shape.


ø 40/15,7″