Duxiana-Dux 8008


The DUX 8008 is our most advanced and luxurious bed – a bed with a design based on more than 90 years of research and development. The DUX 8008 has nearly four times as many springs as an average bed – and more customization possibilities than many other beds on the market. The DUX 8008 offers exceptional deep suspension, thanks to multiple layers of the DUX spring system, involving thousands of interconnected and dynamically interacting springs. It also has as many as six Pascal cassettes arranged according to the body’s three comfort zones: shoulders, hips and legs. Each zone can be customized with a soft, medium or firm cassette, thereby adapting to suit your individual needs. In addition, the DUX 8008 features lumbar support for optimum relief and recovery– individually adjustable for each side of the bed. Three unique DUX innovations in one bed, which together create unbeatable comfort.

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