Greenwood Venice-Plugandplay


  • Filling with heating coils in fiberglass on a base layer of thermal insulation
  • Constant yeld -40°/+125° C
  • Moisture resistant
  • Bipolar interconnections IP68 (dust protection; permanent protection against soaking in water to 1 m. depth), simple to connect
  • Cover in anti-fire material
  • Negligible level of magnetic field yielded by the coils. (6x lower than household appliances)

Power and consumption:

  • The standard system heats alternating boards
  • Single power absorption per board 100W
  • Max power consumption allowed per board 2600 W
  • Max. number of heated floorboards in series connection n.26
  • Consumption: 0.15 KW/msq
  • Before installing check the maximum power output of the grid. Localized heating is controlled through a command unit.

1. after 30 minutes ∆T = 12°C
2. after 60 minutes ∆T = 15°C
3. after 90 minutes ∆T = 18°C
4. after 120 minutes ∆T = 20°C

The product was developed in alignment with the Genius Carbon system.


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