Ligne Roset-Spirit Of Forest-Dining Table

Spirit Of Forest-Dining Table is design by Peter Maly.

Ligne Roset-Spirit Of Forest-Dining Table.pdf



CONCEPT: In the case of the Spirit of Forest table, Peter Maly almost lets himself become lyrical, complementing the rectangular top with softly sloping trapezoidal legs.
The rounded shape of the top’s extremities also helps soften the severity of the walnut.
The comfortable 100 cm width of the top may be perfectly customized with a choice of 9 lengths, from 160 to 240 cm (gradations of 10 cm).
QUALITY OF MANUFACTURE: dining table entirely made from natural varnished solid European walnut. Decorative finger joint detailing at junction of legs and top.
IMPORTANT: the dimensions indicated are those of the top. When calculating the total area of the table, 8 cm should be added to the length (owing to the slope of the legs).

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