Riva 1920-Life Kitchen


Riva 1920 presents LIFE: an innovative multifunctional kitchen environment, accessible to all. The project aims at satisfying needs related to performance of al kinds of domestic activity by using fixtures and accessories that offer a combination of design, safety and ease of movement. This is the context in which Riva 1920 proposes the LIFE kitchen custom-made to meet the needs of the individual user. A kitchen is par excellence a multifunctional context, the perfect place to  experiment in flexibility, safety and ease-of-use of the various products and systems that comprise it. LIFE is a kitchen composed of various elements: frame made of 8 cm-thick solid walnut and veneered multilayer, treated with pine-scented oil-based solution. The “snack” side of the island countertop comprises a top in walnut fitted out with electrical sockets for small kitchen appliances. Under the top there is an easily accessible open space and a versatile set of drawers that can be equipped with a cutlery rack. Another element of the LIFE kitchen is the wall-backed larder unit containing a microwave oven, coffee maker, refrigerator and freezer. The unit also has a series of easy-to-close drawers on metal runners and generous storage space.

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Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut


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