&Tradition-Blown Sw3-Pendant

&Tradition-Blown Sw3-Pendant is design by Samuel Wilkinson.


MaterialsMouth-blown glass, powder coated metal suspension, coated wire, 4m fabric cord.
Dimensions (cm/in)Ø: 28cm/11in, H: 28cm/11in.
ColoursSilver lustre & Opal
Technical specsE27 max 100 Watt / 25 Watt CFL
Weight (kg)2.74 kg.
ProductionThe texture of the glass was originally rendered using computer-aided design (CAD) in order to control the inflation of each bubble precisely. In production, the glass is fixed-blown into a mold and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The suspension system is made from powder coated cast metal and is fitted with a safety wire which holds the weight of the pendant. The wire also serves as a balancing point to ensure the pendant can always be hung level.
Product typePendants

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