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Jok parasol is a central pole umbrella strong and resistant and at the same time very versatile.
The structure is totally in aluminum with the shaft of 60×2 mm diameter, customizable in the color thanks to the thermosetting powder coat. Nuts, bolts and screws are in stainless steel.

– For squared model size goes from 300×300 cm up to 400×400 cm.
– For rectangular size the only size available is the 400×300 cm.

The number of ribs reaches a maximum of 8 ribs, with a size of 35x20x2, strengthen wit branded profiles easily to change.
Canopy, available in many colors according to the fabric chosen, makes the model minimal and perfect to be inserted in superior value spaces.
Developed to respect the international law against injury and thanks to the telescopic system with this model it possible not to remove furniture set under the umbrella.
Four bases are available:

– iron base 70×70 cm with a set of 4 cements weights,
– iron base 50×50 cm to be screwed on the ground,
– in cement with a diameter of 60 cm,
– the iron tube to be grounded.
All of the bases are galvanized and powder coated. For base 70×70 cm it is possible to add an elegant cover base in aluminum in the same color of the structure. The total weight of the parasol is 20 kg.

This model is suitable to smartly shade terraces and swimming pool boards, making this spaces chic and sophisticated. 



Fabric, 金屬, 鋁


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